Win some gluten-free crispbreads

For this spring-summer and Christmas, Inspired Food has added a delicious range of Twice-Baked Rustic Crispbreads to their range, in two glorious flavours: Cranberry and Almond; and…

Ginger brandy balls

Ginger brandy balls

A bit of a classic, these are a reliable choice for a small mouthful after dinner. The recipe makes a lot but they freeze…

Vegetable biryani. Photograph by Aaron McLean.

Vegetable biryani

Biryani is a dry curry, baked in layers. Some contain meat and some, like this, are meatless. All are deliciously fragrant, savoury and comforting….

Moroccan lamb skewers

Spicy Moroccan lamb skewers

Cook these quickly over hot coals or on a barbecue grill, brushing with a little oil before turning to cook the second side.